Recording Studio Experience Course

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Course Summary

Explore all aspects of recording and mixing in a professional recording studio and learn about mic placement and multi-tracking using Logic and Pro Tools,utilising high-end outboard and software plug-ins with the help of an experienced sound engineer. This course is suitable for musicians, music technology students and aspiring sound engineers, and producers  who are looking to gain some real world recording and mixing experience.


By the end of the course participants will:

  • Learn session planning skills.

  • Learn microphone application and positioning techniques.

  • Have experience of recording music in a studio.

  • Have an understanding of studio hardware and its uses and applications.

  • Be introduced to studio concepts such as monitoring, gain structure etc.

  • Learn basic mixing skills - setting levels, panning, eq, dynamics and fx

  • Have an opportunity to apply these skills to their mix

  • Be introduced to basic mastering concepts


    Dates: arranged as required

    Cost: Time: 10:30am-4:30pm. Cost: £375 (1 participant) / £600 (2-5 participants). 


    Contact: Maria Peters on call 01392-495301 or contact us through our website:

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