Sound Gallery Studios provide a range of music technology and music production courses which provide participants with the skills they need to create their own music using iMac computers with the help of music professionals. We have designed courses and workshops which go beyond the nuts and bolts of software education and aim to inspire you to create, record and produce your own music.  



Creative Music Technology - Beginners Level: Starts: Sat October 2017 (duration 5 weeks). Saturdays 10am-1:30pm. Cost: £250. This course introduces the use of music software (GarageBand, Logic Pro, Reason) to write, record and produce music and provides information and guidance on how to set up your own home studio.  

Electronic Music Production: Starts October 2017 (duration 10 weeks). Mondays 6-8pm. Cost: £250. Learn how to create contemporary electronic and dance music using modern DAW, including Logic Pro, ProTools, Reason & Ableton Live.  

Creative Music Technology - Advanced level: Starts: Sat 22 April 2017 (duration 6 weeks)Saturdays 10am-1pm 2017  Cost: £270. Improve your music creation, mixing and production skills using today's most popular music production tools including Logic Pro and Pro Tools as used in a professional recording studio. 

Ableton Live: Wednesdays 6-8pm (duration 6 weeks). Cost: £270. This course is an introduction to the unique and innovative software Ableton Live. The course will cover setting up and using audio and midi clips, arranging your track, utilising the session and arrangement views, effects and processing, mixing and mastering and live performance.

Digital Music Production: Mondays 6-8pm 2017. (duration 5 weeks). Cost: £125. This course is an introduction into building, composing and producing electronic music in the context of contemporary and modern genres, including Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop, Electronic Dance Music. 

Recording Studio Experience: Explore all aspects of recording and mixing in a professional recording studio and learn about mic placement and multi-tracking using Logic and Pro Tools with the help of an experienced sound engineer. Dates arranged as required. Cost: Option 1 day (8 hrs): £260 for 1-1 sessions. Option 2: £150 per person for groups of 2-5 participants.

Audio Services for Film Makers: Learn how to get the best out of your equipment, which microphones to choose for all situations and how to capture great audio each and everytime. Whether working on your own or in a small team, we will show you how to capture the very best audio for your project. Learn about Audio Editing, Sound Design, Foley & SFX recording, Noise Reduction, Mixing for Broadcast (understanding broadcast audio specifications/loudness specs etc).

NEW: Music Industry Seminars in association with Integrity Records. TBA! 



- 1:1 Tuition on Ableton, Reason, LogicPro, ProTools, mixing and mastering techniques and more. Cost: from £35 per hour

- On-location technical support & home sessions to suit individual projects and requirements (music technology tuition, home studio set-up). 

- FREE 20 minute consultation, advice and troubleshooting


SiMPTI programmes: Standards in Music Production Technology & Industry

WORK EXPERIENCE (14-18 year olds)

This is a programme of training, learning and working experiences designed to provide access to a professional recording studio and the tools used in music production and recording. Suitable for A-Level, GCSE and BTech students (14-19 years). 

Work experience weeks 2017:

5-9 June (fully booked), 26-30 June (fully booked), 3-7 July (fully booked), 10-14 July (fully booked), 17-21 July (fully booked)

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This programme offers the unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a professional recording studio and to learn directly from sound engineers, producers and music technology tutors at Sound Gallery Studios. The programme is suitable for university graduates, music tutors and practitioners as well as freelance sound engineers and producers who wish to get practical experience in a recording studio and want to keep up-to-date with all the latest technological advancements and industry developments in music technology and the music industry in general.

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ACCESS TO SiMPTI (14-25 year olds)

Access to SiMPTI is a programme is designed to provide music-making activities for young people aged 14-25 who are considered to be 'at risk of social exclusion' with an aim to build up their social skills and increase their confidence, employability, resilience and well-being. This programme aims to engage fragile young people through masterclasses, music industry seminars and recording studio experiences delivered by music professionals within a safe working environment at Sound Gallery Studios. 


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- Career paths in the music industry  

- Social media for the modern musician

- Advice on press packs, showreels, CVs, personal statements

- Feedback on Demos

- Recording & Mixing advice 

- How to present your music to the industry 

- Digital distribution & record labels

- How to get airplay

- Freelancing and self-employment

- Interview techniques and preparation for music course applications and job interviews

- Music Industry Research skills & IT skills

- Studio Tour & Studio Acoustics




The State of the Music Nation chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Richard Barbieri, Ville Leppanen, Martin Walker (A2D 2014)

Music, Business & Industry chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Gavin Monaghan, Ash Soan, Steve Knightly, Mark Tucker. (A2D 2013)

The Digital Future of Music chaired by Martin Walker. Speakers: Gary Bromham, Tony Butler, Hossam Ramzy, Paul Gray (A2D 2013)

Making your Way in the Music Industry chaired by Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records). Speakers: Lee Fletcher, Emma Scott, Paul Gray, Ville Leppanen. (A2D 2012)

Sound on Sound magazine Technical Panel chaired by Martin Walker. Speakers: Paul White (Sound on Sound Editor in Chief), Hugh Robjohns (Sound On Sound, Technical Editor) and Eddie Veale. (A2D 2012)

Music Industry Panel chaired by Martin Walker. Speakers: John Leckie, howard Jones, Paul Gray, Ted Fletcher, Lee Fletcher. (A2D 2011)

Rob Chapman: How to make a living as a Guitarist (A2D 2011)

Eigenlabs demo (A2D 2011)

Shure microphone placement demo with drummer Joe Breban (A2D 2011)


Our courses are run by Sound Gallery Studios music professionals and are taught on iMac computers. Sessions are delivered in small groups allowing for more individual interaction between participants and tutors. If there are further areas outside the course content that you would like to explore, do not hesitate to contact us as we also provide 1:1 tuition (in the studio and at home).



All computers are fully stocked with a range of audio and imaging software for all multi-media needs. Software is regularly updated due to our unique relationship with our educational partners Time and Space, Native Instruments and Ableton who create innovative hardware and software for music production and performance for producers, guitarists, sound designers and DJs. 


Software currently installed: Logic Pro, ProTools 9, Reason 4, Ableton Live 9, Komplete 7 (Native Instruments), Omnishphere, AAS plugins, Rob Papen eXplorer bundle, Rob Papen rp-delay, rp-reverb, Ohmforce bundle, Toontrack EZ Drummer, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop.


Sound Gallery Studios is a professional, purpose built, acoustically treated and fully air-conditioned recording studio situated in the basement complex at Exeter Phoenix. The studio complex is well equipped with a range of classic analogue mics, pristine valve pre-amps and both soft and analogue synths (including the legendary Neumann U47, Prism Sound Maselec MMA-4XR, 1" tape machine, Juno 6 etc) alongside the best in digital effects processors, soft synths and plug-ins.We offer a wide range of integrated recording solutions, based around an Apple Mac Pro, Pro Tools and Logic Pro system with clean and high end AD/DA conversion and clocking from the SSL (Solid State Logic) Alphalink and Prism Sound Orpheus. 


This workshop will demonstrate improvisation and music technology in a live performance setting. A fusion of traditional Rock structures with avant-garde pop synthesis and glitch using state of the art technology including: Ableton Live (triggers and loops), Bass and Guitar looping and midi pedals, Vocal and instrument mangling and treatments using iZotope Stutter edit live remix software.  Members of art Rock outfit GRICE will demonstrate their live set up, the tools they use and will perform musical examples manipulating audio in real time. With: Grice Peters and Duncan Chave. The session will involve three workshop/masterclass elements alongside live performance, Q & As and demoing.

Suitable for musicians, producers, laptop performers, sound designers and all music enthusiasts. 

A Sound Gallery/A2D production


Virtual Vincenzo: Sound Gallery's audio digital restoration project of the Vincenzo Sodi harpsichord built in 1782 in Florence and currently stored at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter.