Young + Animated
A group of talented young animators in the South West have won a £30,000 grant from First Light to help hone their animation skills. This award will give the club some permanence and allow the team to invest in professional training in animation skills and to train for Arts Awards. Over the next 8 months, the Young+Animated group will be working at Exeter Phoenix and Isca College of Media Arts with various industry practitioners, including tutors and sound engineers at Sound Gallery Studios,  to produce two x 3 minute traditional and experimental animations inspired by live interviews with people they think may have some very interesting memories. 
Animated Exeter
Exeter Summer Festival 2010
Sound Gallery Studios have supported Exeter Summer Festival this year. Extracts from the Flash Opera Traviata were recorded in our studio and will be played around the city during the week leading up to the grant finale on Saturday 10th July. Also, from 6:30pm, the PhonicFM stage at the Castle will host diverse sets by Phonic DJs, followed by a firework display at 10:30pm. Don't miss it!  

Analogue to Digital Music Expo 

Run by Sound Gallery, A2D is the Southwest's premier music production and recording Expo, presenting the world's leading music industry experts fresh from the NAMM show to your doorstep! More: A2D Music Expo
Sound Gallery has collaborated this year with Soundwaves Music project to help record and produce an album which will be presented to Coldplay, the group's benefactors. Soundwaves is all about people with and without learning disabilities making music together. The group meets every Saturday morning at Sound Gallery Studios to write and rehearse their own original music. Soundwaves was proud to be asked to open the Community Stage at Exeter's Respect Festival 2010.

Moon Maths 

Sound Gallery and Playback Youth Theatre have been given an award by Aim Higher to produce a short film documenting the journey of 15 students from  City of Bristol College to Stonehenge on 1st May 2007. The project aimed to re-engage a group of young people with Maths. Using modern technology and natural elements such as the sun path and lunar cycles at Stonehenge, an original musical score was generated from data collected at the site using digital midi technology and analogue models.  



City of Bristol Rising artists is a music enrichment programme run by Sound Gallery in association with City of Bristol College. The aim of COBRA is to provide a holistic approach to the academic, social and personal development of young people, and prepare them for  Higher Education and employment. This project brings together college students with a group of music industry professionals, in order to enrich the educational environment and bring about more positive attitudes to personal development and attainment.
The outcome of COBRA is a CD compilation with the students' original  compositions and a live music performance. COBRA is in its fifth year and is proving to be a highly successful and creative activity.
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Watch the COBRA promo. COBRA is supported by City of Bristol College, Aim Higher and Sound Gallery.

STATE OF THE ARTS 2005- Exeter Phoenix
As part of the Exeter Festival 2005, Sound Gallery in association with
CRAMP delivered a showcase of new music as well as run a number of workshops and seminars, accompanied by a three week exhibition at Exeter Phoenix.
A feast for the eyes and the ears, this audio visual extravaganza included an arts and music exhibition, and a host of seminars and workshops, followed by an evening which showcased a diverse range of high-quality, original music and art, created and performed by talented local artists.

Saturday 18th June 2005 
Live music showcase
Exeter Phoenix auditorium: ART BRUT, Mark Chadwick (Levellers), Swanston, Wax Room, Rich mans plaything, Nixon and the Burn, Chartwell Dutiro, McCory Brothers and many more......

Guest speaker included music industry experts, music industry organisations and funding bodies:
Paul Gray: Musicians Union (ex Damned, UFO, Eddie & the Hot Rods), Feagal Sharkey: Chair of the Live Music Forum (ex Undertones), PRS Foundation, Dartington +, Arts & Business, Arts Council England (Southwest), Exeter Arts Council, Youth Music ...

Creative workshops
Dance, Music Theatre (by Playback Theatre) for young people aged 8-18.
Comfort Zone: This dance workshop held as part of the State of the Arts event was one of the highlights of the days performances.  Improvised movements inspired by a specially commissioned piece of music 'Comfort Zone' written by Grice, were choreographed by professional dancer Jo Moulton from FunClub Dance and organised into a performance piece.

14th - 30th June 2005

A celebration of exciting audio visual art created by local artists and musicians. Also featuring a virtual multi-media recreation of the 18th century Vincenzo Sodi harpsichord and the Mermaid Guitar built by Andy Manson and played by Julie Ellison at the launch of the exhibition.

Developed and presented by Sound Gallery & CRAMP
Supported by Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Arts Council, PRSFoundation for New Music and Arts & Business.