Course Summary

Improve your music creation, mixing and production skills using today's most popular music production tools including Logic Pro and Pro Tools. Gain an insight into the recording and production techniques used in a professional recording studio including mic placement, sampling, EQ, dynamics and more! This course is designed to build upon these skills and techniques learnt in the beginner’s course, but is also suitable for people who already have a fundamental knowledge of creating music.  


·         To equip participants with a better understanding of key principles of music production.
·         To enable participants to improve their music production skills
By the end of the course participants will:  
·         Understand and use panning, dynamics, equalisation and effects to improve their mixes.
·         Understand how sampling and synthesis works and be able to use this knowledge to emulate existing sounds and create their own sounds.
·         Learn about microphone types and techniques and apply this knowledge.
·         Be introduced to basic audio/acoustic theory
 Course Structure
       ·   Week 1: Course introduction. Logic Pro refresher
·   Week 2: Principles of synthesis and sampling for sound design
·   Week 3: Microphones and mic technique
·   Week 4: Mix Techniques: EQ and Dynamics
·   Week 5: Mix Techniques: FX and mixdown
·    Week 6: Mastering and Digital principles


Duration: 6 weeks

Dates/Times: May 2016

Time: 10am-1pm

Cost: £250 per person

Tutor: Duncan Chave

Participants: 3-5


1:1 Tuition

We also offer 1-1 tuition arranged as required from £35 per hour


About us 

At Sound Gallery Studios we have carefully designed courses and workshops which go beyond the nuts and bolts of software education and aim to inspire you to 

create, record and produce your own music with the help of music industry professionals. Whether you are a beginner or have advance knowledge of music 

production, our courses will help you take your music to the next level. We also run masterclasses in association with the Analogue to Digital Music Expo and our

education partners: Time+Space, Native Instruments, Integrity Records and Super Audio Mastering.


Participant Feedback
Did you find this course useful and in what way?
- It has got me started in setting up a digital music environment at home and for business.
- The course was excellent with very broad content. The best feature was the flexibility when other subjects required discussion.

Do you think these courses are a good idea and why?
- The course was excellently structured and provided practical learning available to working people as Saturdays enable part-time learning integrated into busy lives.
- There is no substitute for learning in a face to face environment with the ability to ask questions.

For more information and to book a place in the course, please contact Maria Peters through the website or call 01392-495301